A holiday of Merriment, Meriment, mariment?

The thing I dislike most about Christmas is the gift giving part. I always wonder if I did enough; Did they REALLY like the gift? I wonder if the exchange amount will disappoint them. Sigh Today was a work day for me. Cleaning and cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning and limpia y laContinue reading “A holiday of Merriment, Meriment, mariment?”

Binge Watching/Sleep Deprivation

I don’t usually binge watch Netflix, nope, it’s OnDemand for me. I’ve recently discovered Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Its typical TP (whatever that means to you) but the storylines evolve quicker than usual… (again, whatever that means to you). I tried to binge Power II, (Starz) nope. I tried to binge The Wild (Amazon)… ehhh… TheContinue reading “Binge Watching/Sleep Deprivation”