Ten year old Suspended from school over alleged drug possession

Yep, you’ve read that correctly. A ten year old boy saw something on the floor in school, picked it up and showed it to a friend. The friend told the teacher, boy who found object in question was suspended for drug possession!?!? Now, I got this story from the boy’s mom and then from theContinue reading “Ten year old Suspended from school over alleged drug possession”

“Don’t Look Up”

Have you watched the movie, “Don’t Look Up”? A few of my friends didn’t like it. I’ll admit that it was very slow in some parts, in truth I did fast forward through the middle of it, but I asked myself this question: “What if Noah’s story took place today? hmmmm….. Or any story fromContinue reading ““Don’t Look Up””

Sprinkling Fertilizer

Yes, I know, you’re busy. You are far too busy to even think about adding anything else to your all too busy schedule. Allow me to submit a proposal. You see a few years ago, I began to seek to learn a new skill each year, now if you know me, you understand how largeContinue reading “Sprinkling Fertilizer”