When did the power of the Creator become impotent?    I stopped while channel surfing and watched a scene in which a group of teens were using witchcraft to escape from something. The images were compelling. I asked myself what that scene would look like if it were teens praying to the God I profess.   IContinue reading

Buenos Dias!

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Recently a friend died, leaving those around him unchecked access to his life and all of its messes. In some instances, grief was overshadowed by anger. He lived as we all live, openly secret about our mess. It has been a huge job tidying up his life.Continue reading “Buenos Dias!”


Doesn’t matter what you call it. It kills. My day started with death. Fear is trying to grip me. I’m fighting, but the weight of it is proving the difficulty of it. Do your research. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do the research. Then take precautions. I don’t want to lose anyoneContinue reading “COVID, NOVEL, DELTA, EPSILON, LAMBDA…”

Simply upset or am I just being petty?

I enjoy Jeopardy. I wanted LeVar to be the new host. We got duped, hogswaggled, cuz they were always going to pick him. Heck he picked Himself. A lot of the shows I like were canceled, deeper sigh. Is it wrong to be bothered? Is is silly to have feel as if I don’t haveContinue reading “Simply upset or am I just being petty?”