Blogging About A Blogger’s Blog

She said she’s going to start a blog to get her thoughts out so that people can hear what she has to say. I’m not reading it, or searching it out, on purpose BECAUSE she has HORRIBLE grammar and her spelling isn’t much better. In her defense, she writes the way she speaks… sigh, everyone’sContinue reading “Blogging About A Blogger’s Blog”

Chronicle of an ex-Church Girl/Lady

Today is Sunday. I didn’t go to church. I didn’t even sign in to an on-line service and there are a lot of those. I’m looking for a Pastor who is starkly in the middle of Osteen (motivational) and Shambach (no nonsense fire and brimstone). It would seem that the “heavy weights” of Kingdom work haveContinue reading “Chronicle of an ex-Church Girl/Lady”

The trouble with staying up late to write…

…is that I get hungry, which doesn’t fit well with my so-called diet plan. Right now I want popped corn. NOT that stuff in the bag, but the stuff you have to make on the stove with butter and that wonderfully seasoned salt! deep sigh My tummy is growling because dinner was actually 5 hoursContinue reading “The trouble with staying up late to write…”