Kindergeld…. I need some….NOW!!

Kindergeld   – Kinder === child(ren) geld === $$$$

They are giving an increase and making certain that Child Support isn’t being doubly paid to anyone.
Reading the site gave me pause and a thought of moving back to West Germany. I first heard of Kindergeld while stationed there and considering citizenship. I was disenchanted with all things America and my marriage at the time. So it sounded good. They take care of their people in many ways, far better than we privileged Americans do.

I have to stop reading the site. SIGH. They call it a benefit. Americans, unaware of the origin, call it a handout. I remember that there was a sense of pride when speaking of the Geld. While in contrast, Americans are made to feel ashamed about the need for assistance.

isn’t it odd? The use of words? Benefit. Assistance. Handout.

THE NEW DEAL, the first of its kind has been ripped to shreds in the quest for, for, (I haven’t found the correct words).
Herbert Hoover (R)was president when the Crash occurred but felt that the government should not become overly involved in helping individuals dealing with economic troubles. However, this changed with the election of Franklin Roosevelt (D). He worked to create numerous programs through his New Deal to help those affected worst by the Depression. American History/

Does it sound as if I’m rambling? Well, maybe I am. I’m so saddened by the group of people running for President, The Leader of the Free World, that I’m truly trying to make sense of it. I have to vote. It’s my honor and right as an American. I’m just saddened when it appears that other countries take better care of their citizens. I’m done with the entire congress! I also think that I’m verklempt about the Obama’s having to leave the White House. First, allow me to say, I’m not discussing politics, policies, etc. I just enjoy them as a couple, as a family. They’re like that one couple you see all the time and they just make you smile. They have cute kids and no craziness. The only difference is, they live in a sort of fish bowl ~ everyone has an opinion of them.
WOW! Anywho, (I’m off that rabbit trail)
This time around, the entire thing feels like someone died and now every Tom, Dick, and Mary wants to fill the opening. It is distressing! And he who’s name I won’t mention here has never been a favorite of mine. I so want to say, “You’re Fired!” and watch him be tossed out on his bottom. Again, sigh.

Oh, well, I’m not moving to Germany. I’m here in the cradle of the south ~ where slavery has a new facade and second class citizens had better know their place.

p.s. I did not proof read this… I’m far too tired to do so….

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