Dr Seuss

In 1965 I was a first grader. I’d been reading since I was four years old. I’m a voracious reader.

I enjoyed Dr. Seuss. His early works were odd to me, maybe because I was so young. I introduced his writing to my children and grandchildren.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that anything was wrong with the pictures. I truly hope that the family will consider changing the graphics/illustrations and allowing future generations to enjoy these 6 books.

On another note: I’d like to own the original works.

If you find a copy… drop me a note and I’ll set up a way to pay (if I must) a reasonable price.

Change is never easy.

Published by THEMrsSearcy

I wrote my very first novel in the third grade. I remember that it went the way of most loaned one of a kind books written in a ringed notebook. Many years later I lost yet another one that very same way. I no longer "loan" any of my original manuscripts. I'm presently working to finish each and everything I've started by the summer. There truly isn't any reason why I can't achieve that goal. It's been far too, no comments Cece Buffie... I know Girl. My Ace Boon... well you know LOVE YOU, LADY! I am happily married with children, a dog, and a turtle.

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