Doesn’t matter what you call it. It kills. My day started with death. Fear is trying to grip me. I’m fighting, but the weight of it is proving the difficulty of it. Do your research. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do the research. Then take precautions. I don’t want to lose anyoneContinue reading “COVID, NOVEL, DELTA, EPSILON, LAMBDA…”

Simply upset or am I just being petty?

I enjoy Jeopardy. I wanted LeVar to be the new host. We got duped, hogswaggled, cuz they were always going to pick him. Heck he picked Himself. A lot of the shows I like were canceled, deeper sigh. Is it wrong to be bothered? Is is silly to have feel as if I don’t haveContinue reading “Simply upset or am I just being petty?”

Misinformation OR Shared experience?

My friend is in the hospital due to Covid. Yes had many underlying issues, however, contracting Covid sent him to the hospital. He is not vaccinated. He is one of a few hundred thousand who can’t take the vaccine. I won’t say why, but his Healthcare provider advised against it. I know many past militaryContinue reading “Misinformation OR Shared experience?”

Sweet Sweet Dreams

I can say that it is possible to be in love and still wonder what went wrong in the prior relationship. Divorce damages the heart in a way that feels permanent. Yes, my present is comforting and sustaining and all that I ever prayed for and yet… I still wonder what it was I didn’tContinue reading “Sweet Sweet Dreams”

I asked the question and the answers weren’t what I expected 😁😃

So, I asked the question: “Do you feel loved?” I asked the 19yr old first her response: “Why? What did I do? Are you giving me back?” (She’s grafted in) I explained why I asked and she laughed, “Girl yes! You scared me! Wait, if I say no do I get a car? 😐 Next,Continue reading “I asked the question and the answers weren’t what I expected 😁😃”

Ask the questions, do not be alarmed by the answers.

For as long as I can remember I didn’t feel loved. I don’t know how or why that developed in my head, just that it lasted until I met my present husband. I felt loved by Jesus, who was introduced to me as my friend. However, nothing ever truly felt like love to me. Sadly,Continue reading “Ask the questions, do not be alarmed by the answers.”