What you see…

I’ve watched Jeopardy for as long as I can remember, long before Alex became the very embodiment of the show. I prayed for the man like I knew him and grieved when he retired.

I’ve always truly strongly disliked the removal of the 5 day play limit. Ken’s 75 game win was hard for me, I stopped watching it and started up again after he lost. I get bored after about 15 days. I must admit that Matt was kinda oddly interesting and I was truly upset the day he seemed to just give up.

Now there’s Amy. I’m bored and I find myself pulling for anyone to take Amy down.

My other issue with the show. They keep track of the winners by gender, time of play, and money won. It is my personal opinion that the gender option should be male, female, Trans. And nonbinary. I’ve left race out of it because its another conversation. I wanted Mr. Burton to host the show.

I got angry when Amy was announced the top female winner… since female is a biological term. Amy is a biological male. A trans-woman, sure, but female no.

Some one explain to me why that is hate speech. I see Amy. I will refer to Amy as Amy because it’s how Amy was introduced. It is how Amy identifies. However, I believe that it’s an awful thing to do to the actual female who won the Jeopardy title, Julia Collins.

Let’s never forget that Julia may not have won a million, but did get to almost half by winning 429,100.

I remember you Julia! You are the first and only true female winner on Jeopardy. Well, at least until another bio female wins.

Sprinkling Fertilizer

Yes, I know, you’re busy. You are far too busy to even think about adding anything else to your all too busy schedule.

Allow me to submit a proposal.

You see a few years ago, I began to seek to learn a new skill each year, now if you know me, you understand how large a task that is to complete. I am a master of none of the things I know how to do and yet I can teach them very well. I still have a list of things I want to learn. I think of these things as fertilizer. They help my life stay prosperous and interesting.

Why not learn something new in 2022? A language, a skill, a craft, OR fine tune something you already know how to do. I’m toying with teaching by way of YouTube… I say toying because right now it’s just in the middle of my head.

This doesn’t have to cost anything because one can literally learn just about anything on YouTube. Free Fertilizer!

Ego Testing

I don’t usually allow myself to brag or toot my own horn. I’ve always found myself shrinking away from pointing out my accomplishments.

If I think on it, it started with all of the As on my report card. It was the rule in my house to get paid for grades. A = $5, B = $4, and so on. This was great motivation for buckling down and getting it done… however it didn’t translate to me. I stood by and watched my cousins get paid and because I had all As I was told that my report card would break the bank. And while that wasn’t her words, the true words are singed into my psyche. It caused me to want to be closer to their version of normal. I sought to dumb things down so I too could get paid. Needless to say, that didn’t go over well either. Sigh, what’s a kid to do?

Fast forward to adulthood. I still struggle but I’m vocal about it. I once admonished people I didn’t know to change their nickname for their daughter. I overheard them saying it and laughing. They were calling her hippo. The girl stopped smiling when she saw me. I don’t remember my exact words, but I remember them, her parents, telling me it was fine, that she knew they were teasing. I looked at her. I didn’t see amusement, I saw a little girl who didn’t get why I was so upset. I told her she was beautiful and so not a hippo. I tried to explain it to her parents one more time. They smiled and thanked me for my concerns. I walked away, but I’ve continue to pray for her. I suppose that she’s found a way to be okay with the name calling and that it isn’t burned into her psyche also. It bugs me.

Deep sigh

Oh, here’s a big test of my ego. I’m going to share one of my nicknames: heavy hips, hips for short. It made me, ok, it makes me self conscious of just about everything. So all of my nicknames for my littles are positive and I try hard to stay away from coarse jesting.

Now, I ask that you test your ego and make changes accordingly.

New Beginnings

One would think that new year resolutions would be on my mind, and in truth I do have one which was made manifest today in completion.

I’ve decided to make them monthly and allow each month it’s own victory. I need these small but consistent victories. Sure, I will endeavor to have more than one a month, but that one requires a discipline that I want to spread throughout my life.

I have also taken the time to evict old hurts from my head. Old nagging hurts that have lingered far too long and have taken up far too much space in my head.

So on this 3rd day of the year 2022, I am making myself accountable for deliberately achieving at least one goal each month. It’s financial so it will require denial of self gratification… we humans, like teens, don’t do that often.

Ever Diligent

When did the power of the Creator become impotent?
    I stopped while channel surfing and watched a scene in which a group of teens were using witchcraft to escape from something. The images were compelling. I asked myself what that scene would look like if it were teens praying to the God I profess.
   I admit honestly that there are times when even in my head the sin of witchcraft seems a bit less sinful, especially when I’m seeking immediate relief.
    This generation, this microwave, tiktok, and yes, witchcraft embracing world has seemingly rendered the God I serve – impotent.

Let me say first, that Harry Potter taught me that we do our kids a disservice by not teaching them not only what we believe, but also the why and how of our faith.

Attending church isn’t teaching them. Church is the pep rally for game day. It’s the day when the coach rallys support for the team and all of the hard work they put into their skill. AND YES THIS FAITH JOURNEY REQUIRES SKILL.

It’s easy to be critical about the fictional school called Hogwarts. And it’s even easier to ignore the teaching of the power that awakened Lazarus. We, parents, are responsible for the teaching and the gathering of the knowledge so that we can teach.

Deep, deep sigh. Never forget that Hebrews 11:6 and be ever diligent.

Exciting and New

Yesterday, the newest Nanaboy tried a new food. He was apprehensive at first, brow furrowed, lips clasped tightly shut. So I put the entire experience in his control. He smelled it, and then he licked it cautiously. I saw the moment he knew that this was something he was going to like. I giggled and watched him do the happy food dance. He hummed and giggled and danced until it was all gone.

The thought of his joy at trying something new makes me smile even now. I never want to get so bogged down with the heavy things of this life, that I can’t enjoy life. I want to be able to enjoy the fun of this existence.

I must find that inner me that will allow me to “taste and see”. And then not be ashamed to get my dance on!

Buenos Dias!

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Recently a friend died, leaving those around him unchecked access to his life and all of its messes.

In some instances, grief was overshadowed by anger. He lived as we all live, openly secret about our mess. It has been a huge job tidying up his life. So as a result, I’ve decided to death clean. I am facing my messes, not as actively as I’d thought, but facing them nonetheless.

It’s not easy. I’m trying to use the ” if you haven’t touched it in 90 days it needs to go” method, however, that doesn’t help me with the office stuff. Taxes are eternal.

There are school papers, adoption stuff, lots of school supplies AND let’s not forget all of the notebooks that contain not yet published manuscripts and years of journals and diaries. Whew! Yes the office goes last.

The closet should be first. Then the sewing slash craft room. SIGH Its a lot! And while I don’t expect to die anytime soon, I know I have to get it done SOONER THAN LATER.

Prayerfully, I get lots done today when the toddler is napping. Wink wink Before the others get home from school, which is half day this week… sigh, okay, well, maybe tomorrow?

Gone Forever

Death is so prevalent around me, so much so, it seems that someone I know dies each day.

And no, it’s not always Covid. It is the inevitability of death. Most go through this life trying to keep it at bay and some just don’t care either way. It will come.

So I’m choosing to try to live my very best life each day. No grudges, fleeting anger and jealousy. Putting envy aside, it serves no true purpose.

Grab you new mercy and spread some to those who don’t remember that they have some.

Be the reason someone smiles.



I know you’re thinking it, so there I’ve said it. Ugh!

Now that that’s out of the way, you must always remember to take a little time for yourself. MAKE TIME for yourself, even if it’s only a few minutes alone in the bathroom. Yep, this can be tricky, especially if you have children.

However, in this time of busy, busy, busy, make some time to be busy about you. Then pat yourself on the back for getting it done.