Dr Seuss

In 1965 I was a first grader. I’d been reading since I was four years old. I’m a voracious reader.

I enjoyed Dr. Seuss. His early works were odd to me, maybe because I was so young. I introduced his writing to my children and grandchildren.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that anything was wrong with the pictures. I truly hope that the family will consider changing the graphics/illustrations and allowing future generations to enjoy these 6 books.

On another note: I’d like to own the original works.

If you find a copy… drop me a note and I’ll set up a way to pay (if I must) a reasonable price.

Change is never easy.

Can We Talk?

Kids are NOT easy at any age. Mine range from 17 to 40ish.

I will not say that I’m a stellar parent, heck I wouldn’t that I’m a good parent. However, I did try to give them the tools to become good, godly women and man.

Today, while stressing over one of them who just suddenly dropped off the grid (again)… the one who is 3 years clean and sober reminded me that it was my prayers that got her through to her right mind.

Oh and those days were sleepless and tear filled. Yes, they were mostly about my runaway daughter … but they were more so about me wondering about what I’d done wrong. Please! God! Please!

Deep deep sigh.

I must admit that I sinfully worry about them all, blood and grafted into my heart.

I watched a young woman NOT speak to her parent. I didn’t coerce her, even though I knew the parent so badly wanted to just hear her voice. (Again insert a deep sigh)

I’m reminded of Isaiah 59:2 but it gives no comfort.


I must remember that Father’s got it.

Again selah

Accepting the Inevitable

What is hope if the unavoidable is THE only outcome?

Why do we “hue-mans” seek constant miracles?

Is it foolish to believe that if I read Romeo and Juliette one more time… neither of them die and that their children bring peace to the family?

There are some basic unavoidable inevitablities, water is wet, so walking in the rain will cause you to be WET. However, illness from said wetness is not inevitable.

(Insert deep sigh here)

It is inevitable that death is an unavoidable transition we all must make one day or night.

Life isn’t always pleasant and yet there are those who chose to live it truly not even making note of the inevitable. These are the ones who make life pleasant for the rest of us. They are the inventors, discoverers, and yes authors of whichever moment in time they happen to find themselves planted in.

So today, ask yourself, “Am I just going to accept the inevitable or am I going to seek out the possibilities?

Never forget that the umbrella, raincoat and galoshes are someone’s attempt at making water not so wet.


I know you’ve noticed that I haven’t written for some time. I suppose I could say that I have so much on my mind that I just didn’t know where to start, however, that would be untrue.

I just didn’t want to spew anger. I heard the man say that those who voted for Trump were being disenfranchised and I got angry.

I saw the insurrection and I got angry.

I saw Covid numbers and mutations arise and I got angry.

I lost more people to a virus we just weren’t prepared for and I got angry.

Angry anger consumed my thoughts. It seeped into the corners of my heart and came out swinging.

None of this is new. People worship many things so Donald Trump isn’t the oddest. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Adolph Hitler all had the ability to awaken some horrible dark thing deep down in the heart of people. Heck, some had sex and were branded all in the name of good business.

(I’m thinking)

Then there’s Jeopardy. I DVR it. The guest host thing is bothering me because I don’t care for what appears to be dating to find the new replacement. Ken doesn’t do it for me.

See? Now you know … rambling thoughts.

I think I need a big mug of mulled cider.

Life’s Oddities

There was a true tragedy in my life that derailed my prayer life for a long time. It caused me to question my usefulness to the kingdom and it caused me to feel as if Father had in every sense of the word, forsaken me.

I must admit that a couple of months ago most of that was corrected in a way that could only have been Father. He is, after all, Creator of all things – the author and finisher of my faith. Selah

However there are still some very raw areas. My family isn’t whole. It isn’t as I’d imagined it to be growing up. Deep sigh

So what am I to do with hopes dashed, dreams dead, etc? Yes, it’s easy to just say Trust Father. But how does one live it out? What does that portion of my faith walk look like?


I used to have a blessed ministry, at least I thought so and yes, I miss it. I want so much to heal my relationship with Father. It’s just about all I long for nowadays. I have a hubby who loves and cherishes me. He takes great care of my heart.

My kids, do not rise up and called me blessed. Well a couple of them do. That hurts. However, kids grow up and live their own lives. I must stop here before I say too much.

Sow in prayer what you need from Father.

Making Judgments

There appears to be only two kinds of judgments, snap and, um, well the other kind escapes my mind at the moment.

I went out to night in search of things to put in the air fryer, which wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped. Anywho, I was in a store that I’ve deemed beneath me, the people who frequently shop there, the employees, the store itself is well, not on my level (wink, wink).

Why do I shop here? My husband likes the cuts of meat and its the only place I can find certain ethnic items I’ve come to enjoy.

Oddly this post isn’t about any of what I’ve just written, I didn’t find an entire dinner I wanted to air fry. I got some frozen Brussels Sprouts and some corn on the cob, but no meat I wanted to buy.

Anywho, this post is about face coverings. This is the only place in my city that doesn’t have a sign on the door of any kind mentioning ANYTHING about the pandemic. There isn’t even a sign saying you can’t sue if you catch it on the premises… you know the sign I’m speaking about.

All of the employees have a mask somewhere near their faces. About 85% of us were wearing them and the rest were just watching us move about the store. A woman and little boy (the boy had his hood up and he seemed embarrassed. He kept trying to cover his face with his hood). The mom just looked angry. Yes I judged them all. Bad mom, stupid uncaring people, etc. And I knew they were judging me also. I took my two items to the check out and noticed that one of the customers was trying to cover his nose and mouth with his shirt while checking out. Smh (too little too late buddy) Don’t these people get it?!?!

And then it dawned on me. Not my circus… I don’t get to make the call. I am not the Supreme ruler, I can only function effectively within my sphere of influence. Calm down lady, you don’t have to take care of them if/when they get Covid. Mindjahbidness.

Think on all of the judgements you made as you read this post.

Oh and by the way, the veggies were SO good in the air fryer!

Air Fryer Love

I received an air fryer for Christmas and it has changed my life! I’ve fought the impulse to assign a gender to it because it is simply such an amazing (yep overused word) kitchen tool!

I’m trying to become proficient in the use of it.

I used it first on Christmas day and have used it daily since then. Oh, I’ve had some fails, but mostly it’s all been good.

The lobster tails were excellent as was the steak. And fyi: a slab of baby back ribs took twenty-five minutes and didn’t even last long after being removed from the fryer. I enjoy fried ribs, however regular pork ribs require a lot more work and time, but still very good. Chops are tender and flavorful without batter, as is chicken.

I believe that my best use of it is to reheat restaurant favorites. KFC original becomes a new a delicious meal! The skin becomes crispy, locking in those 11 herbs and spices. Yummy! It also does a great job of making potatoes rise to their best, whether they’re fries, baked, or tots.

I haven’t mastered bacon in it yet and I haven’t baked anything… I have however, made beef jerky.

I’ve learned that preheating is important.

Tonight I cooked maple sausage links, my nanaboy’s favorite, and it was better than I’d imagined! I also cooked hash brown cakes and the crunch… my my my!

If you have one you don’t use often, change that. The internet has plethora of information and recipes. I have to say at this point that not all air fryers work the same and by that I mean, cook times may vary. I’ve had to tweak some online recipes.

So, I can say that I’m trying to be healthier this year. I’m going back to a restricted food list that I’ve been lax about over the last few years AND even though I’ve switched to grape seed oil, the other goal is to fry in any type of oil LESS.

I believe that owning one f these is an excellent idea. I just may own two.

Hindsight/Forward Vision

As I get older I’ve noticed that I tend to think about the things I wish I’d done or the things I’ll never have. I’m told those dreams don’t die, we just put them away for whatever reason.

Then there are dreams that simply don’t manifest as you thought they would. Those bad boys present themselves as a conundrum.

What’s a person supposed to do with all of that circumstance? I haven’t the answer. All I have are questions. Oh sure, there are go to remedies however, they tend to be temporary.

My life is almost as sad as it is happy. Crazy, huh? All of the boxes are checked, but they seem to come with caveats. It causes a numbness deep in the center of me that is all too familiar.

“The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much.”

I’m not seeing myself in any of those adjectives.

“He is a rewarder to those who diligently seek him.”

And then there’s: He will perfect that which concerns me.”

I respectfully ask that you find some time in each day to reconnect to your spiritual center. I know, as one who identifies as a born again spirit filled believer I’m supposed to be pointing you to God, but I also know that you may not be able to tell the difference between church and what I have to offer so I’ll leave it be for now.

Sigh, it’s late. I’m tired. Good night, buenas noches, bonsoir…

Meditate, think on these things… Selah