Making Judgments

There appears to be only two kinds of judgments, snap and, um, well the other kind escapes my mind at the moment.

I went out to night in search of things to put in the air fryer, which wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped. Anywho, I was in a store that I’ve deemed beneath me, the people who frequently shop there, the employees, the store itself is well, not on my level (wink, wink).

Why do I shop here? My husband likes the cuts of meat and its the only place I can find certain ethnic items I’ve come to enjoy.

Oddly this post isn’t about any of what I’ve just written, I didn’t find an entire dinner I wanted to air fry. I got some frozen Brussels Sprouts and some corn on the cob, but no meat I wanted to buy.

Anywho, this post is about face coverings. This is the only place in my city that doesn’t have a sign on the door of any kind mentioning ANYTHING about the pandemic. There isn’t even a sign saying you can’t sue if you catch it on the premises… you know the sign I’m speaking about.

All of the employees have a mask somewhere near their faces. About 85% of us were wearing them and the rest were just watching us move about the store. A woman and little boy (the boy had his hood up and he seemed embarrassed. He kept trying to cover his face with his hood). The mom just looked angry. Yes I judged them all. Bad mom, stupid uncaring people, etc. And I knew they were judging me also. I took my two items to the check out and noticed that one of the customers was trying to cover his nose and mouth with his shirt while checking out. Smh (too little too late buddy) Don’t these people get it?!?!

And then it dawned on me. Not my circus… I don’t get to make the call. I am not the Supreme ruler, I can only function effectively within my sphere of influence. Calm down lady, you don’t have to take care of them if/when they get Covid. Mindjahbidness.

Think on all of the judgements you made as you read this post.

Oh and by the way, the veggies were SO good in the air fryer!

Air Fryer Love

I received an air fryer for Christmas and it has changed my life! I’ve fought the impulse to assign a gender to it because it is simply such an amazing (yep overused word) kitchen tool!

I’m trying to become proficient in the use of it.

I used it first on Christmas day and have used it daily since then. Oh, I’ve had some fails, but mostly it’s all been good.

The lobster tails were excellent as was the steak. And fyi: a slab of baby back ribs took twenty-five minutes and didn’t even last long after being removed from the fryer. I enjoy fried ribs, however regular pork ribs require a lot more work and time, but still very good. Chops are tender and flavorful without batter, as is chicken.

I believe that my best use of it is to reheat restaurant favorites. KFC original becomes a new a delicious meal! The skin becomes crispy, locking in those 11 herbs and spices. Yummy! It also does a great job of making potatoes rise to their best, whether they’re fries, baked, or tots.

I haven’t mastered bacon in it yet and I haven’t baked anything… I have however, made beef jerky.

I’ve learned that preheating is important.

Tonight I cooked maple sausage links, my nanaboy’s favorite, and it was better than I’d imagined! I also cooked hash brown cakes and the crunch… my my my!

If you have one you don’t use often, change that. The internet has plethora of information and recipes. I have to say at this point that not all air fryers work the same and by that I mean, cook times may vary. I’ve had to tweak some online recipes.

So, I can say that I’m trying to be healthier this year. I’m going back to a restricted food list that I’ve been lax about over the last few years AND even though I’ve switched to grape seed oil, the other goal is to fry in any type of oil LESS.

I believe that owning one f these is an excellent idea. I just may own two.

Hindsight/Forward Vision

As I get older I’ve noticed that I tend to think about the things I wish I’d done or the things I’ll never have. I’m told those dreams don’t die, we just put them away for whatever reason.

Then there are dreams that simply don’t manifest as you thought they would. Those bad boys present themselves as a conundrum.

What’s a person supposed to do with all of that circumstance? I haven’t the answer. All I have are questions. Oh sure, there are go to remedies however, they tend to be temporary.

My life is almost as sad as it is happy. Crazy, huh? All of the boxes are checked, but they seem to come with caveats. It causes a numbness deep in the center of me that is all too familiar.

“The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much.”

I’m not seeing myself in any of those adjectives.

“He is a rewarder to those who diligently seek him.”

And then there’s: He will perfect that which concerns me.”

I respectfully ask that you find some time in each day to reconnect to your spiritual center. I know, as one who identifies as a born again spirit filled believer I’m supposed to be pointing you to God, but I also know that you may not be able to tell the difference between church and what I have to offer so I’ll leave it be for now.

Sigh, it’s late. I’m tired. Good night, buenas noches, bonsoir…

Meditate, think on these things… Selah

It’s so hard to say goodbye…

I rode around my little GA town looking for Trump 2020 signs. Most of which have been removed, however the ones that proclaim that God will prevail show no sign of coming down any time soon.

45 said that it’d be hard for him to lose. And boy is it ever! Heck I’m still stinging from some loses that happened in High school. I get it.

It’s the supporters that puzzle me. But then there are those who support bullies more so than good guys.

I am glad that my vote counted this time around.

I wonder why his supporters choose to ignore us, you know, all of us who did not vote for him, Think on it: Jo got lots of votes also… sigh.

I know now that GA wishes Stacy Abrams had won the election. Giggle!

“She took the entire state!”


So take it easy on your Trump supporting friends… they are just as sad as we were when Mr. Obama’s time was up… well maybe the insurrection means they’re wwwaaaaaaay more upset than we ever were.

Sigh πŸ˜•

Taser Burns

My teens were focusing on a game of Minecraft as the US CAPITOL building was being overrun.

I heard myself say, “Your world is changing and y’all are playing Minecraft.” They giggled. One responded, acknowledged me, my statement and picked up the TV remote. The other looked away from the computer screen taking only a glance at the TV and says, “Don’t worry Nana, it’s just another day in Trump’s America.”

I had no words. I can say that I understood their apathy. You see I grew up in Alabama in the sixties. Images of white supremacy aren’t foreign to me, though I’m often taken aback when they turn on each other. Think about it, you hear the phrase black on black crime, but have you ever heard about white on white crime? Oh sure the phrase “white collar” as apposed to “blue collar” rings familiar, but mentions of white crime doesn’t seem to require any adjectives.

I watched my kids go about their day to day lives, glancing at the TV but only making matter of fact comments about it all. I asked the nine year old how he felt about what he was seeing in the news. He shook his head and asked if Ossoff or Warnock were in danger. (The 2 are akin to super heroes to him). I shook my head. He said,”Trump did this right?” I shrugged. He shrugged and said, “He’s not a good person, Nana.”

It was then I decided to not speak with them about it, purposefully. I made the decision to listen and answer questions where needed. Honestly? They had more to say about the woman tackling the teen over a phone than they did about the insurrection. It seems to be more tangible for them. They see the situation as seriously comical because they know affluenza when they see it. It is their generation’s version of supremacy. (Can I say Selah here)

Today’s teens, pre-teens and young adults are Obama era thinkers and agents for change. Mine believe that they are the change in their collective sphere of influence.

Listen to your teens, pre-teens, young adults. They are as we were growing up over the decades. They have thoughts and dreams and ambitious ideas. Try to see the world as they see it and interject course corrections when allowed, asked for or needed. The world, post Trump’s presidency, is their reality long after we’ve departed.

So very much to SAY!

Yesterday I found myself processing. If not for my wonderful husband, partner in this life (I’d like this person in every life, if that’s possible LORD), I’d have been in my bed, in the fetal position with the covers over my head.

However, GEORGIA! Blue in a sea of red!!

Backwards, behind the curtain Georgia! We’ve got two years till midterms Baby!

Which leads me to the amazing Stacy Abrams! Someone on Facebook commented that they snatched the gubernatorial election from her, so she took the WHOLE STATE!!!! Imagine where GA would be in the larger picture if she’d become Governor?

Perhaps the actual steal served as a catalyst or maybe a catapult or dare I say blessing? Her win would have robbed us of this very moment in history. I know, sometimes it’s hard to see that more often than not loss can be a blessing.

Never underestimate the power of being behind the scene.

Hello world. Buy my book please.

Jealous Much?

I’ve found myself at time standing on the outside looking in on someone’s success wondering why it seems like success on any level eludes me.

I know about the whole grass is greener thing and yet, I’d like to taste some success in some area of my life.

It does occur to me that most times we’re perceiving something that may not even be as it appears. You know the whole grass is greener thing… Maybe it isn’t even about success at all. Maybe its about the feeling I get when I find my kitchen in teenage disarray and 15 minutes later it is taken care of; Or maybe its about how my hubby looks at me, or how the grands refer to my Nana magic as if it is totally and completely real.

Oh, it’s easy to voice happiness for someone’s public success, however the goal is to not allow it to cause your countenance to become dented by your seeming wait for it. Seek to see your own successes in every little thing you put your hand to. Heck, I’m counting this post as a success for my day because no one interrupted me. Sure, I’m sitting in my car, which has always been a beacon for them to venture outside, but no one has… YAY!

Take each and every victory where you can find it. Yes success by another name is victory. Count all of yours today.

A holiday of Merriment, Meriment, mariment?

The thing I dislike most about Christmas is the gift giving part. I always wonder if I did enough; Did they REALLY like the gift? I wonder if the exchange amount will disappoint them. Sigh

Today was a work day for me. Cleaning and cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning and limpia y la coccion…

Anywho. I got a great gift… an air fryer, top of the line. It is as amazing as advertised.

I also got new knives. Oh yes! No more wishing I had a sharp unbroken knife. Teens are the worst at maintaining anything that doesn’t belong to them and they’re not often good at that either.

It was kind of a downer day though. I’m not certain of the cause or reason… maybe it was all of the work. You know la coccion ugh and la limpia… UGH! Hey it sounds better in espaΓ±ol.

It is cold. I live in a tropical area and it is COLD.

Okay I’ll stop complaining. All in all it was a good day and week. Karaoke was fun! Hubby sang to me… yes, I am completely smitten after all these years.

I saw a very pregnant woman in a store sans mask. I’m praying she’ll make better choices in the future.

I hope your day was filled with merriment and love.

HAPPY 2021!

Dreaming Dreams

Last night I slept very well. Dream-less at the beginning however the trip back to bed after a bathroom visit, wasn’t so fruitless.

I was entering a church meeting. No one smiled at me as I made my way to my seat.

A lady I know asked if I’d won any new people (curious phrase, huh?)

I shook my head and announced that I’d spoken with a few past ones though. She grimaced and the lady in the seat next to me said, “Then you’re under old covering.”

In the dream her statement bothered me. And as I try to recall the dream as I type this it no longer concerns me. My faith may have been shaken by one brutal tragedy which caused my prayers to be hindered in some areas (my heart issue; nothing to do with Christ) however, I know that I am not uncovered. My struggle in ministry isn’t about winning souls, it’s about heart issues.

Anywho, I have said all of that to remind you to take inventory of gained weight from past stuff. Don’t carry old grudges into 2021, or even into tomorrow. Allow unforgiveness to dissipate so that healing can begin. Selah

Do not focus so much on winning souls that you leave your spirit man unfed/unattended – hungry. And ignore church people! You know who they are… always complaining about something or other… joyless, just being seen attending the building racking in people points, neglecting heavenly treasures. SElah

Souls won over to Christ is achieved by simply living through and for him. Your life is ministry.

And in the words of the great Bernie Mac… Hi ya livin’?


Never forget that Christmas isn’t about getting or even giving for that matter. It’s about remembering that it isn’t anything this world has made it out to be… its about , its about, its about sales… and if you happen to believe that there was, a long time ago, a baby born in a barn… it is about him. SELAh.

Wow! What a rabbit trail! Live with the understanding that youR life, how you live it, speaks louder than any scripture you can scream. SELAH

Binge Watching/Sleep Deprivation

I don’t usually binge watch Netflix, nope, it’s OnDemand for me.

I’ve recently discovered Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Its typical TP (whatever that means to you) but the storylines evolve quicker than usual… (again, whatever that means to you).

I tried to binge Power II, (Starz) nope. I tried to binge The Wild (Amazon)… ehhh…

The whole point of this post is to promote getting to sleep before the butt crack of dawn… as you can see… I didn’t make it. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™„ Whatever dude… I’m grown… mindjabidness…