Schooling Virtually vs Virtual Schooling

I’ll bet good money that you didn’t know that there is a definitive difference did you?

Let’s start first with schooling virtually, it’s what’s happening now. Corona Virus has made Brick/Mortar in person schooling a bit dodgy, so a large portion of school districts have chosen online/virtual classes.
This means that teachers show up to the building, but kids don’t, instead they login to class from home.
This was a bad experience for me not because they were at home going to class on the computer, but because I know it can be done far better than they were prepared for in March. It was unorganized and reminded me of the scene from Finding Nemo Each teacher trying to teach their own class seeming to forget that there were at least 100 kids logged in. SIGH My grandson had started out in a cyber academy before his mom put him in Brick/Mortar.
If CV-19 is around much longer and yes I believe it will, Brick and Mortar schools should reach out to Virtual schools who have it under control.

My daughter graduated this year from she started attending in (4th) fourth grade. My son started in first and is now set to graduate in 2022.
I found virtual schooling to be a good fit for my family because of the flexibility it offered. At the time GCA was under the K12 umbrella, it has since separated. It is now totally virtual meaning no books. Computers are provided and it is a Title I school. The teachers are licensed and there are PTO meetings, bake sales, etc.
The classes are well organized and structured. Teachers are available for extra help if needed. Parents, called learning coaches post attendance and make sure kids are in class. I feel like I should say “discover the difference”.
There are, before Covid, field trips and outings so that the kids can socialize. They are now done virtually.

There are virtual schools in almost every state. They are subject to the same rules/regulations. Remember, Virtual schools are NOT Charter schools. I won’t address charter schools in this post.

I’ve homeschooled traditionally in the past and I find the negative statements being made about virtual schooling disparaging. If I’d had access to virtual schooling some 35 years ago, I’d have jumped on it!

Do not despair, it’s not you. Our school system is built on cattle calls and numbers. I truly believe that should this virus hang on for more than a year, they’ll get it right. Well, sort of, there is the question of money. Sports generate $$$$$ for colleges and universities.
My kids participated in Rec sports. GO DUCKS!

I’ve said all of this to say, don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t project into your child(ren) your vision for their school career. Give them a voice, especially teens. Ask them what’s working and what’s not, then reach out to the teacher.
I had to remind myself that my grandson is in school all day without my help, so he can do this without my help. I mean anyone who can sit and play video games and WIN… stress free… for HOURS doesn’t need me fretting over his school work.

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