Over My Head

Thunder woke me from my sleep. I stirred a little, trying to get closer to him. Thunder has always bothered me, but even more so after spending time in the Republic of Panama during Just Cause https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-u-s-invades-panama

His position doesn’t allow me to get as close as I’d like so I decide to go to the bathroom. When i get back I see that he’s changed position. I climb in, chiding myself for being nervous about thunder and just as I get settled, he moves closer pulling my body into his. He whispers sleepily, “It’s okay little girl, I’ve got you.”

This was the last thought in my head as I fell asleep… well maybe not the last… I did consider how blessed I am!

He has this uncanny way of knowing where I am… in my myself… especially when my guard is down… which is 98% of the time with him. We don’t have to be in the same state!
You’ve heard me speak about sexual wampum. I didn’t need that with this man. All he wanted was me, no pretense, no preconceived notions, just me.
I admit that it caught me off guard. I was used to the dance, the games. This man, the mature version of the boy I did not like, wasn’t dancing or pretending.
My mom says “That (Army) Ranger swooped in and left with my daughter.”

There are men out there who aren’t looking for wampum and will not suggest or allow us to ponder on it. The question is, are you willing to wait?

Published by THEMrsSearcy

I wrote my very first novel in the third grade. I remember that it went the way of most loaned one of a kind books written in a ringed notebook. Many years later I lost yet another one that very same way. I no longer "loan" any of my original manuscripts. I'm presently working to finish each and everything I've started by the summer. There truly isn't any reason why I can't achieve that goal. It's been far too, no comments Cece Buffie... I know Girl. My Ace Boon... well you know LOVE YOU, LADY! I am happily married with children, a dog, and a turtle.

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