reality BITES

I try to speak to my mom every day. 2020 drove home the point that tomorrow isn’t promised. I experienced death far too often in 2020.

We all suffered the virus at the end of 2019. We each had varying degrees of illness, including the toddler, it was truly horrible. I will wear a mask from now until the LORD calls me home.

Anywho, please take notice of those you love. Make time for them even if it’s just a text or a quick hello on the phone – because my mom’s generation is prone to texting. She says it reminds her of telegraphs and Morse code.

CALL YOUR MOM! CALL YOUR DAD! I wish I could hug my dad just once more.


Published by THEMrsSearcy

I wrote my very first novel in the third grade. I remember that it went the way of most loaned one of a kind books written in a ringed notebook. Many years later I lost yet another one that very same way. I no longer "loan" any of my original manuscripts. I'm presently working to finish each and everything I've started by the summer. There truly isn't any reason why I can't achieve that goal. It's been far too, no comments Cece Buffie... I know Girl. My Ace Boon... well you know LOVE YOU, LADY! I am happily married with children, a dog, and a turtle.

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